Christmas and Versailles


There exists a painting showing the little Marie-Antoinette with her family on Christmas morning — the future Queen of France hops around the room with a big doll she had received as present. Unfortunately, Saint-Nicolas would not travel as far as Versailles, circulating for the most part in the Germanic countries. The fur-tree is different: it was also of that tradition, yet had made it to us in the first half of the XVIII century; the tree came as a cultural heritage of Louis XV’s spouse, Marie-Leszczinska.

What separates Versailles from other European capitals is its table, for the French Court was always ready to adopt fresh culinary ideas; not surprisingly, Versailles is responsible for introducing Christmas dinner, complete with turkey and chestnuts: the volatile arrived from the New World already in the XVII century, but before the bird was served to the Sun King it had to spend some time at the zoo.

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