What We Owe to the Libertines

parabère et orleans

Duke of Orleans, the Regent, was a hard-working man, but he partied just as hard and needed as much time there to show the seriousness of effort. This is why every afternoon, exactly at five o’clock, he would take his leave, and no matter which pressing matters demanded his attention — all the affairs of the state had to wait until nine o’clock the next morning. Every day, at five o’clock on the dot, the King of Libertinage would get up from his desk and bid farewell to his scandalized ministers. This gave him an hour to get ready, for invariably a great rumpus was scheduled at six; and it did not matter what happened, the party was not to be disturbed. So if today you work from nine to five, you owe this to the libertines!

As for the picture above, there you see Philippe d’Orleans and his mistress Madame Parabere wearing disguises of Adam and Eve. This painting can be seen at Fontainebleau.

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