Space is something essential to social ranking at Versailles. This spot, familiar to all those who visited the Chateau, is called Princes. It is called so because only princes of blood could bring their carriages up to here — this is a XVII and XVIII century priority parking. The porter chairs, previously discussed, could also be brought up to here.

P1012285 (FILEminimizer)

In the lower left corner of the photo you see a stepping stone, called pas-de-mule, its purpose was to help women, as well as the ecclesiastics, to climb into saddle. Today le pas-de-mule is a little obsolete, but they still keep one or two around to protect the wall against drunk drivers.

Finally, to learn about how the Son-of-the Green-Ape punished the coach-driver of the Spanish Ambassador for stealing a princely parking spot, click here.

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