The Pink Ballets


This sex scandal made all the headlines in 1960: the President of the French National Assembly, André le Troquer, was caught using property of the French Republic for his libertine parties. The parties became nick-named as ballets because they involved quite a bit of choreography: girls between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one were performing erotic scenes before they were ravished on and offstage. The orgies took place at the Big Trianon, as well as another XVIII century hunting cottage built for Louis XV. It could be that André le Troquer was inspired by similar scenes that took place there a couple of centuries before. Originally the Butard Cottage (picture above) served as the last step-over before the massacre of the deer gathered close by for the hunting party. This is why the near-by forest is still called la Forêt de Fausses Reposes — the Fake Rest Forest: there the animals would relax for a while, thinking themselves to be out of danger.

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