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In a couple of days we shall have a rare opportunity to see a simulation of the famous Royal Carousel. What is carousel? The shopping mall underneath the Louvre! Not only that, but carousels replaced the Renaissance tournaments; and the Renaissance tournament was a nostalgic equestrian event closely fashioned after its medieval prototype. In France the last such tournament was held on 29 June 1559; that day Henry II was mortally wounded by the captain of his guard; and from there on lances were abandoned and the armor that you see today in the Louvre, Hermitage or Metropolitan was replaced by a stylized armor — all leather, cloth and feathers — pleasant for a rider and equally easy on his horse.

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Of course what we are about to witness is not going to be anywhere near the scale of the events they had at Versailles in the late XVII century. Back then the carousels could last for a few days; they had several teams competing against each other; all riders and their aids were wearing costumes, not necessarily medieval — one team could dress as Romans, while the other would disguise itself as Turks. The few snap shots I offer you are details of a painting showing the Royal Carousel at the Tuileries Gardens. And by the way, the pictures should explain the name of the shopping center underneath the Louvre.

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