The Versailles Stairs

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P1015986 (FILEminimizer)In “The Three Musketeers” the stairs of the Hotel de Tréville thrive with action. We know that at Versailles they are the traffic highways frequently subject to jams. We can imagine this space rife with possibilities, for the interstices are formally defined as an informal setting: tongues wag and heads turn; beauties descend and ascend, while the verbal jousting accompanies their progress. It is on these Hundred Steps that the movie maker of L’Allée du Roi makes Madame Montespan throw to Madame Maintenon, “How appropriate Madame, you are on your way up, while I am on my way down….” I have recently performed an inventory here and counted the “hundred” steps again; and I don’t know what it means, but something truly Kafkaesque happened — there were more of them on the way up than on the way down.

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