Something for Christmas


This morning I went to Diptyque, the Versailles Diptyque, to buy myself something for Christmas — not an easy task! First I was looking at all their Christmas candles and naturally getting annoyed — the spirit of Christmas was evading me. Then I kind of gave up and was talking to the vendor on a subject not related, and this was precisely when I saw…, how could I not —  it was on a shelf calling my name: so Zen: in order to find, I had to stop looking; and true enough, how could I find it when I didn’t know what I was looking for? Finally the Force was with me! And I took it home in a little paper bag, rewarding myself for all the suffering I had recently endured. When I set the glass on the table, my right eye stopped twitching: the magic was there, but I was not in a hurry to light it and waited untill around nine to fill the room with the fragrance of Madame Du Barry’s perfumed sex — amber! Well, it burned for an hour, and it was very nice, until I thought it was time to blow the thing out and huffed and puffed and… the hot wax flew all over, covering all of my desk, my hands, and my shirt. And that was it! That was Christmas. Marry Christmas to all my readers!

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