Time Flies and Other Insects


At the Louvre I couldn’t help noticing a couple of fascinating time pieces that very much stood out in their collection of XVII-XVIII century watches. I am giving you here a bigger, fancier example, because the picture of the second, more abstract skull-watch looks blurry. I must add that I ended up in that section of the museum almost by accident and was practically on my way out. Most of my visit I had spent among the Dutch paintings. I like their flowers. Many of those bouquets are teaming with life: birds, lizards, snakes, snails, frogs, caterpillars, beetles, bees, dragonflies, butterflies and just ordinary house flies. Hell! That’s exactly what I thought — the after-life, eschatology, feast in the times of plague, or rather the other way around — eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow the critters will feast upon you; for flowers do represent that thing of ephemeral beauty called life. Then I looked at my watch, sighed and mumbled hell again.


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