Versailles, the Pond Gobert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Where have you taken us?” is the first impression of a tourist getting off the train at Versailles-Chantiers. Now this unfavorable introduction can be mitigated by a quaint  little passage called Les étangs Gobert. This is an original XVII century project, the ponds are twin water tanks built to feed the fountains of the Chateau and blown up in 1945 by the retreating German army. So sixty-eight years later we got around to fixing the problem: now we can walk across the dry pond and descend toward the Chateau the way water used to flow — down the gradient.


So, using this newly-built short cut you can take Avenue de Sceaux, which is far more presentable than Etats Généraux, and get to Chateau some ten minutes faster! If you travel as a family, the passage also offers a small park where the kids can run around, while you run to the bakery on the corner! Although these advantages may not strike a local as important, for a tourist details count.


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