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A New Fountain

It is commonly believed that men lead in a dance; or at least generations of skillful female dancers gave us that impression; for in those dances where the sequence of steps is a bewildering multitude, men are commonly at a … Continue reading

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March, Ben Franklin Meets Louis XVI

22 March 1778, it was cold and Benjamin Franklin was dressed in a brown velvet outfit but had neither a wig nor sword about him as he entered the Crystal Gallery where the court, ambassadors and all the twenty Americans … Continue reading

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Some Traces of DuBarry (Versailles and Paris).

The Louvre had recently opened a new department of XVII and XVIII century French furniture. One of the remarkable artifacts you can see there is this wax model of Madame Du Barry’s bed. I find it very late XVIII century … Continue reading

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A Picture for the Frame

If Van Loo is the court painter of Louis XV, then Boucher is the court painter of Pompadour. Only he is not a court painter, for there is not a single Boucher portrait at Versailles. This is why we recognize … Continue reading

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The First Queen of Versailles

From a very early age and in spite of an ongoing bloody war between her country and that of her future husband, Marie-Thérèse never doubted her destiny as the Queen of France. She was a little short, a little plump, … Continue reading

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The Procession of Pierre Séguier.

Of all the paintings by Le Brun, this one is really worthy of praise. To appreciate the work, we do not need a homoerotic fantasy in which an old pervert surrounds himself with handsome youths; and although I have no … Continue reading

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Her Porcelain Court

This gilded bronze clock, together with its zoomorphic orchestra, belonged to Madame de Pompadour. Judging from the expression of the conductor, the apes are in the middle of a rehearsal. Yet we can’t hear them. The clock has stopped. It was … Continue reading

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The Heir Apparent with His Family by Pierre Mignard (1687) is the only XVII century portrait that still decorates the walls of the Big Trianon. The picture is a perfect example of what the theory of the day understood as … Continue reading

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Was the Sun King Afraid of Water?

“Essa puta me va a matar!” Marie-Thérèse of Austria, being a quintessential Latino woman, treated the issue with an unusual for Versailles directness. Madame de Montespan commanded a whole wing of the palace — the space shared by all the … Continue reading

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In the Bedroom of a Princess

The princesses’ apartments are finally ready! Millions were waiting! Tourists from all over the world are crowding in. There is the Polish bed in the Transitional Style of 1770’s. See how it goes with its side against the wall. The … Continue reading

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