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Taking a Bath with Madame Montespan, Versailles Renaissance at the Turn of the Century

The turn of the century. Not this century, the last one. The interest in Versailles was provoked by the feeling of nostalgia radiating from the king of the Parisian dandies, Robert Montesquiou. This is the beginning of the aesthetic movement … Continue reading

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This fountain is an allegorical interpretation of the Sun King’s unhappy childhood. If you remember Alexander Dumas’ Twenty Years After, the novel begins with the flight of the Queen Anne of Austria and Cardinal Mazarin. It is d’Artagnan who escorts them out of Paris. After the … Continue reading

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Saint-Simon laments the Court subservient to its king. I see the rebellious nobles presenting a daily challenge to Louis XIV. Lauzun, being one of the king’s favorites, is also my favorite. Gilette Ziegler chooses as an epigraph a passage from La Bruyere … Continue reading

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3+1 Musketeer

D’Artagnan, the fourth Musketeer who gives to the title of Dumas’ novel a mystical, even metaphysical dimension, is indeed the captain of the elite guard here at the Court of Louis XIV. The sequel to The Three Musketeers, The Twenty and … Continue reading

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