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Versailles School of Architecture Retrospective

Out of all the exuberance on display at the Versailles School of Architecture Retrospective I have paid attention to two pieces: The bust in black ceramic riddled with negative spaces by Christian Gozenbach, and the treasure map with its meandering … Continue reading

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The Spring of Marie-Antoinette

This is all that is left of the famous spring of Marie-Antoinette. The spring was renown for its medicinal qualities: the courtiers and the domain’s visitors flocked with flasks to fill: the water was said to alleviate everything from stomach pains to nervous disorders. … Continue reading

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James Bond and Marie-Antoinette

As some of you may already know the new James Bond will be disturbing the Domain of the Tragic Queen. Strange idea, there is nothing particularly spectacular at the location; and if they are looking for a park, then any … Continue reading

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Taking a Bath with Madame Montespan, Versailles Renaissance at the Turn of the Century

The turn of the century. Not this century, the last one. The interest in Versailles was provoked by the feeling of nostalgia radiating from the king of the Parisian dandies, Robert Montesquiou. This is the beginning of the aesthetic movement … Continue reading

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Fetishism At the Little Trianon

Branded with the letters GR, which stand for Garde-Meuble de la Reine, this bed belongs to the Queen. But the small picture hanging above it is that of Jeanne Becu, Countess du Barry, and so gives away its original owner. Madame … Continue reading

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Poor Dead Puppies or the Shoes of Marie-Antoinette

One of the shorter works of Heidegger happens to be on the painting by Van Gogh, the painting of a pair of old beat-up shoes. In his essay Heidegger describes the shoes as those of a peasant, which gives the … Continue reading

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The Economy of Style: When walking out of the bathroom, he would wash only one hand….

From Fashion Queen to Dairy Queen, this is a trajectory outlined for us at the Estate of Marie-Antoinette. I suppress a yawn. This is definitely a Japanese thing. The Russian tourists come to Versailles to take oath at the Tennis Court. What could … Continue reading

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