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Royal Brick (Vincent Mauger — Versailles Contemporary Art)

  I am back. I am back at the Royal Stables, the Smaller Stables… where, as you know, I come from time to time to check on the Versailles School of Architecture students. This time it is more fun than … Continue reading

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Difficult Beauty

“It is true,” wrote Madame Sevigné, “that men have certain privileges with regard to ugliness, but it is also true that Monsieur Pellisson abused those.” There is, however, a beautiful story often told about Paul Pellisson. Beginning 1661 this unfortunate … Continue reading

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The Stone Guest

Tirzo de Molina, the inventor of the legendary Don Juan, is an author of another powerful image, that of the Infernal Statue which gives the original Don Juan play its title, Convidado de la Piedra. There is a similar statue at the park … Continue reading

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Saint-Simon laments the Court subservient to its king. I see the rebellious nobles presenting a daily challenge to Louis XIV. Lauzun, being one of the king’s favorites, is also my favorite. Gilette Ziegler chooses as an epigraph a passage from La Bruyere … Continue reading

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grandson of Henry IV, etc

This monument to Henry IV was built about two hundred years after his death. The restored post-Napoleon monarchy needed its own heroes: inside the bronze statue were placed medals listing many accomplishments of the King of France and Navarra; but, rumor has it … Continue reading

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