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Le Gros’ Portrait of Napoleon’s Aid-de-Camp

By the time he was twenty-one, Antoine-Jean Gros had become a painter of the victorious French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. After meeting Josephine in Genes, he was received by her husband and assigned to an art expert position; basically, he … Continue reading

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Anish Kapoor and Versailles

A couple of days ago Anish Kapoor invaded the historical park of Versailles; and the reaction of the press was as negative as it had ever been on such occasions. I think it was something he said about his installation … Continue reading

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Luxembourg Garden by Jacques-Louis David

Perhaps I should remind my reader that in the days of the French Revolution, most of the parks were given away for pasture or raising crops and were often divided into lots; and though this anecdote seems to find its way … Continue reading

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In the Garden

In the XVII century human figure surrounded by flowers had a predominantly religious connotation. By the XVIII, this portrait of Duke Penthievre and his wife is but a family picture signifying happy marriage: it is a somewhat melancholy document, for … Continue reading

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Water and Moral Rectitude in XVIII Century Painting

By mid 1700’s water is back with vengeance; and in the late XVIII century its use does not only concern itself with hygiene, but quickly gains the grounds in the social and political discourse: it is not just a bath … Continue reading

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David to Marat

There are two opinions about copying. The first one sees all copies as inferior to the original; the second admits that a copy may be an improvement, or an inspiration for another original work. A good example there would be … Continue reading

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Life of a Princess

It is a little awkward, but I am yet to meet a boy who would like to be a prince — a fireman, a policeman, maybe even a gynecologist, anything but a prince; consequently, it is to the aspiring little princesses that … Continue reading

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