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Anish Kapoor and Versailles

A couple of days ago Anish Kapoor invaded the historical park of Versailles; and the reaction of the press was as negative as it had ever been on such occasions. I think it was something he said about his installation … Continue reading

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A New Fountain

It is commonly believed that men lead in a dance; or at least generations of skillful female dancers gave us that impression; for in those dances where the sequence of steps is a bewildering multitude, men are commonly at a … Continue reading

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Luxembourg Garden by Jacques-Louis David

Perhaps I should remind my reader that in the days of the French Revolution, most of the parks were given away for pasture or raising crops and were often divided into lots; and though this anecdote seems to find its way … Continue reading

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Park Monceau

Park Monceau is the only surviving XVIII century park in Paris. It is complete with ruins made out of ruins. Many visitors are not aware of what some of the features happen to be. How else would you explain the … Continue reading

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A Beheaded Turkey

This image of a beheaded turkey wasn’t more shocking than the rest, but it was the first, as I walked up the stairs into the hallway of the XVIII century Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, the today’s municipal library, 5 … Continue reading

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Before this year ends I need to report on some of the outstanding events of 2013. Visiting the castle where Louis XIV was baptized made certainly an impression — and not just the building, but the exhibitions it housed and … Continue reading

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Anamorphic Versailles

Walking around the Grand Canal, have you noticed how much wider it is at the western end? I would expect it to be the other way, that end being the farthest point in the landscape, if seen from the palace; … Continue reading

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