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Antinous of Versailles

There is an Antinous for every part of the Mediterranean world, and so there is one at Versailles. In Egypt he was represented as Osiris, in Greece as Aresteus, in Rome as Vertumnus, in the chestnut grove of Versailles as… … Continue reading

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The King’s Kitchen Garden

He liked his kitchen garden. The Water of the Swiss was dug out by the Hundred of Swiss to drain the swamp water so things could grow. Hundreds of people died. He would bring all the foreign ambassadors and all … Continue reading

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The Underground Versailles

When in 1990 most of the trees were uprooted by the tempest, an underground passage leading somewhere deep into the park was discovered by the gardeners. These corridors had been neglected for centuries; so nobody ventured down there. In the … Continue reading

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Where the Little People Bathed

Plenty of ink has been spilled on the subject of personal hygiene at Versailles. Today I would like to show you at least one discrete arrangement — not to be found on any tourist map, where the royal pages could … Continue reading

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Temporary Contemporary: André Le Notre and the Violence onto Nature

2013 is officially the year celebrating the landscape architect of Versailles, André Le Notre. This is why we have a group of contemporary Italian artists invading the terrain with their “commentary” on the XVII century landscape. Some of their remarks … Continue reading

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Life of a Princess

It is a little awkward, but I am yet to meet a boy who would like to be a prince — a fireman, a policeman, maybe even a gynecologist, anything but a prince; consequently, it is to the aspiring little princesses that … Continue reading

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The Wheel-Chair King

If you wandered around Versailles long enough, you must have wondered about the marble on-ramp we see here; I surely did, as I wondered about the name of the building where I used to clock in. The building’s original function, … Continue reading

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