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Water and Moral Rectitude in XVIII Century Painting

By mid 1700’s water is back with vengeance; and in the late XVIII century its use does not only concern itself with hygiene, but quickly gains the grounds in the social and political discourse: it is not just a bath … Continue reading

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Was the Sun King Afraid of Water?

“Essa puta me va a matar!” Marie-Thérèse of Austria, being a quintessential Latino woman, treated the issue with an unusual for Versailles directness. Madame de Montespan commanded a whole wing of the palace — the space shared by all the … Continue reading

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The Pink Ballets

This sex scandal made all the headlines in 1960: the President of the French National Assembly, André le Troquer, was caught using property of the French Republic for his libertine parties. The parties became nick-named as ballets because they involved … Continue reading

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He Had a Cold Gaze of a True Libertine

I don’t think he did, for in spite of his superior knowledge of chemistry, to Casanova sexual relationship is not an experiment. He seeks no dark recess in a female. He refuses to take her seriously. In our hero’s bag … Continue reading

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Napoleon III and the Women He Could Afford

Attention everybody, the Emperor is tweaking his mustache! This meant Napoleon III had noticed a new girl in the crowd and was getting ready for action. It is instructive to take a look at the women in question; so, let us sample his … Continue reading

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What We Owe to the Libertines

Duke of Orleans, the Regent, was a hard-working man, but he partied just as hard and needed as much time there to show the seriousness of effort. This is why every afternoon, exactly at five o’clock, he would take his … Continue reading

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The Museum of Crime

Yesterday I visited a most unusual museum — the archives of the Quartier Latin Police Station (4 rue de Montagne Sainte-Genevieve.) I must tell you that the arrest and prison records make a fascinating read. Let me give you at least … Continue reading

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