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These days you can see at the Louvre the portrait of Lady Alston by Thomas Gainsborough. Well, I did. A disturbing experience! Because of the heavy gilded shells that surround the canvas. They distracted me: Versailles is stamped all over … Continue reading

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Cardinal Bernis on Madame de Pompadour

“The Marquise knew none of the vices of ambition, but she suffered from all the petty afflictions typical for a woman intoxicated with her own appearance; and so, she hurt unintentionally, and she did good exactly the same way; her … Continue reading

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The Qeen’s Perspective

As one of the courtiers had commented, neither they avoided each other’s company; nor did they seek it. Like everyone else in the XVIII century Marie and Louis married young. Many at Versailles thought it to be an unequal match. … Continue reading

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Versailles Society Theater

Versailles society theater is commonly associated with the papier-mâché theater of Marie-Antoinette; but to give credit where it is due, I must say that the Queen re-cycled the ideas of Madame de Pompadour, all be it with the lesser political effect. … Continue reading

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Cupid Sharpening His Bow with Hercules’ Mace: Neoclassicism at Little Trianon

Beside the Anglo-Chinese gardens and the Louis XVI- style furniture, what is so neoclassical about Little Trianon? This is a kind of question to ask at an oral examination  if you want to fail a student. There he goes, shuffling … Continue reading

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“This painter,” writes Diderot about François Boucher, “only picks up a brush to show me tits and ass. It’s not that I don’t like to see them, I just don’t like it when they are shown to me.” Today, of … Continue reading

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Hoping to receive a reward, he reports a non-existent conspiracy against Madam Pompadour. Unfortunately the police takes him too seriously, for his story is complete with a real booby-trap and explosives; and so when nothing is uncovered behind  his elaborate … Continue reading

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