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Some Traces of DuBarry (Versailles and Paris).

The Louvre had recently opened a new department of XVII and XVIII century French furniture. One of the remarkable artifacts you can see there is this wax model of Madame Du Barry’s bed. I find it very late XVIII century … Continue reading

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Something for Christmas

This morning I went to Diptyque, the Versailles Diptyque, to buy myself something for Christmas — not an easy task! First I was looking at all their Christmas candles and naturally getting annoyed — the spirit of Christmas was evading … Continue reading

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In the Bedroom of a Princess

The princesses’ apartments are finally ready! Millions were waiting! Tourists from all over the world are crowding in. There is the Polish bed in the Transitional Style of 1770’s. See how it goes with its side against the wall. The … Continue reading

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The XVIII Century Master and Slave Dialectics

In 1769 Madame Du Barry received in her service a seven-year-old Punjabi boy sold to Duke Richelieu by an English captain. This boy, nick-named Zamor and re-christened as Louis-Benoît, played an important role in the life of the countess. As … Continue reading

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Park Désert de Retz Opens to Visitors

This is the place where the secret society of George Batailles, Acèphale, used to celebrate the day of decapitation of Louis XVI. The park was built on the eve of the French Revolution; it was visited and admired by both … Continue reading

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Where is Waldo?

…that is where is Louis XVI? …or Marie-Antoinette? They have to be somewhere around here, their bones shuffled and re-stacked with the bones of their subjects. Death is the ultimate democratic institution. Perhaps they are in the part of Catacombes behind … Continue reading

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Fetishism At the Little Trianon

Branded with the letters GR, which stand for Garde-Meuble de la Reine, this bed belongs to the Queen. But the small picture hanging above it is that of Jeanne Becu, Countess du Barry, and so gives away its original owner. Madame … Continue reading

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