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The Versailles Stairs

In “The Three Musketeers” the stairs of the Hotel de Tréville thrive with action. We know that at Versailles they are the traffic highways frequently subject to jams. We can imagine this space rife with possibilities, for the interstices are … Continue reading

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Versailles Soap Opera

It was a secret marriage but everybody knew. After Louis XIV’s wife died, the King married his baby-sitter. Hers is a real Cinderella story, for Madame Maintenon was not even a baby-sitter of the legitimate kids, she baby-sat the bastards. … Continue reading

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A Courtier Is Like Marble — Cold and Polished

  Spying is the greatest form of amusement a courtier may have at Versailles. Duchess of Burgundy was discovered digging through Madam Maintenon’s papers. They let her be, for such is the nature of the activity that sometimes spies find … Continue reading

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A King’s Portrait To Scare Your Children

What a wax portrait of the aging Louis XIV has made Antoine Benoist! The year is 1709, the year of that frightening winter when horses died of cold in the stables and birds froze in their flight…. Trees…, trees fell with … Continue reading

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A Pissed-off King (Scaramouche and Harlequin)

La Comedie Italienne enjoyed a very special relationship with Louis XIV. Fiorilli, the creator of Scaramouche, entertained the Dauphin from the age of two, often holding him on his lap. They say that one time the little Louis was laughing so hard that he peed all … Continue reading

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The Right To A Stool

Traveling around France I often ask myself those kinds of questions, “Could the right to excrete be a fundamental human right?” No, I am not trying to start any kind of revolution, just looking for a bathroom. That’s all… that’s … Continue reading

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Do Not Believe Your Eyes

La Bruyere wrote about the Court of Versailles that from the distance it looked resplendid, but the closer you got, the uglier it became. Taking his observation for an advice, I always try to get right next to whatever it is … Continue reading

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