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Looking Under the Skirt of Marie-Antoinette

In 1772 Peter Kintzing, a watch-maker, David Roentgen, a furniture maker, plus 24 other artisans, created this automaton whose features strikingly resemble those of Marie-Antoinette. The rumor has it that the hair on the doll is that of the queen, … Continue reading

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Louis XVI Favorite Reading Materials

Pierre Blaizot, peaceful librarian of His Majesty Louis XVI, has been arrested on 10 May 1782, his crime being purchase, sale, or distribution of the forbidden books, the legal records are not specific. Monsieur Blaizot is released on 16 May … Continue reading

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Trianon Love Triangle, Marie-Antoinette, Polignac, de Lamballe

They are all that remains from the set of eight that the revolutionaries sold at a giant yard sale held by the Royal Stables in September 1793. The backs in the shape of lyres is a common late XVIII century … Continue reading

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In the Grove, Marie-Antoinette In the Rear Standing Position

The French of the late XVIII century fantasized about their young beautiful queen an awful lot. At Palais Royale in Paris there was a prostitute whose stage name happened to be the Little Queen. Her real name was Nicole d’Olive, they nick-named … Continue reading

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The Porcelain Tit of Marie-Antoinette

As they say in the US Army, “No shit, there I was!” And before the guard could open his mouth, I have put my camera against the glass case and took a shot then a control shot. Double-tapping is wrong. … Continue reading

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