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The First Queen of Versailles

From a very early age and in spite of an ongoing bloody war between her country and that of her future husband, Marie-Thérèse never doubted her destiny as the Queen of France. She was a little short, a little plump, … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette Milk and Dark

There are two kinds of Marie-Antoinette chocolate bars you can buy at Versailles Monoprix, Marie-Antoinette Milk and Marie-Antoinette Dark. I tested them both and report that although I really like the packaging on the first, I prefer the taste of … Continue reading

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A Beheaded Turkey

This image of a beheaded turkey wasn’t more shocking than the rest, but it was the first, as I walked up the stairs into the hallway of the XVIII century Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, the today’s municipal library, 5 … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette for Idiots

This is a new book on the old subject. The difference between this one and the others is the brutal directness with which the tragic queen is treated. Marie-Antoinette for Idiots gives us a woman of her times completely de-mystified. I suppose … Continue reading

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Life of a Princess

It is a little awkward, but I am yet to meet a boy who would like to be a prince — a fireman, a policeman, maybe even a gynecologist, anything but a prince; consequently, it is to the aspiring little princesses that … Continue reading

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The Court of Perfume

The Perfumed Court, that’s how they nick-named Versailles in the XVIII century: Louis XV insisted that perfumes be changed every day, while some of the fountains gave off the monarch’s preferred aroma; there were different perfumes for different occasions and for different … Continue reading

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Christmas and Versailles

There exists a painting showing the little Marie-Antoinette with her family on Christmas morning — the future Queen of France hops around the room with a big doll she had received as present. Unfortunately, Saint-Nicolas would not travel as far as … Continue reading

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Versailles “Secret” (Diplomatic Correspondence: Denon to Vergennes)

“The Queen, who pretends to run things around here, talks a lot and never finishes anything. Violent and passionate, she is a victim of her tastes, and all of her politics is an attempt to reconcile her tastes and the … Continue reading

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The French Revolution and the Origins of Restaurants

The restaurants as we know them today appeared in the first year of the French Revolution. The explanation is simple — most of the aristocrats had fled the country, while their unemployed cooks went into business for themselves. The most … Continue reading

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A Mystery to Behold at Chateau Versailles

Yesterday Chateau Versailles inaugurated the exhibition Versailles and Antiquity. A little obscure? Sure. The name accommodates both the real antiques from the royal collection, as well as  some XVII and XVIII century objects inspired by antiquity. The most mysterious of them … Continue reading

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