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Versailles “Secret” (Diplomatic Correspondence: Denon to Vergennes)

“The Queen, who pretends to run things around here, talks a lot and never finishes anything. Violent and passionate, she is a victim of her tastes, and all of her politics is an attempt to reconcile her tastes and the … Continue reading

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The French Revolution and the Origins of Restaurants

The restaurants as we know them today appeared in the first year of the French Revolution. The explanation is simple — most of the aristocrats had fled the country, while their unemployed cooks went into business for themselves. The most … Continue reading

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A Mystery to Behold at Chateau Versailles

Yesterday Chateau Versailles inaugurated the exhibition Versailles and Antiquity. A little obscure? Sure. The name accommodates both the real antiques from the royal collection, as well as  some XVII and XVIII century objects inspired by antiquity. The most mysterious of them … Continue reading

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The Favorites of Marie-Antoinette

For sure Marie-Antoinette had some weakness for men in uniform; she also gave preferential treatment to foreigners; and we can imagine that foreign men-in-uniform would make a pretty bad public relations campaign for any queen; but fortunately Versailles Court was cosmopolitan enough … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette Razors

No, they don’t have any; but look, they have Marie-Antoinette T-shirts, and they have them in my size. Hell, it has nothing to do with Marcel Duchamp or Contemporary Art — I just want to buy myself one; but what will people … Continue reading

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Flying the Queen Around

On Mondays when Chateau Versailles is closed to visitors, there is usually still something to behold in the park. Last Monday, 17 September, they were shooting a documentary about all those famous hot-air balloons that Louis XVI flew around Versailles. In … Continue reading

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Versailles Renaissance Forever (Continued)

The funny thing is, you don’t have to leave Paris to see le Petit Trianon. In 1912 an architect René Sergent built this quasi replica of Marie-Antoinette’s demure at 63 rue de Monceau for a collector of the XVIII century antiques, … Continue reading

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