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The Procession of Pierre Séguier.

Of all the paintings by Le Brun, this one is really worthy of praise. To appreciate the work, we do not need a homoerotic fantasy in which an old pervert surrounds himself with handsome youths; and although I have no … Continue reading

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Was the Sun King Afraid of Water?

“Essa puta me va a matar!” Marie-Thérèse of Austria, being a quintessential Latino woman, treated the issue with an unusual for Versailles directness. Madame de Montespan commanded a whole wing of the palace — the space shared by all the … Continue reading

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Can You Trust Your Wife?

When Marie-Therese, the Spanish wife of Louis XIV had died, the Sun King said the following famous words, “This is the first and only time she caused me any trouble.” And today walking through the Queen’s quarters I want to … Continue reading

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a new institution: what’s the problem?

In 1663 the Sun King is present at the church for the mass with his wife, Marie-Therese, to the right of him and with his mistress, Louise, to the left. What’s the problem there? You have your place, she has hers. Actually, … Continue reading

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