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Napoleon II and the Cinco de Mayo

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon’s painting The Sleeping King of Rome can be seen at Louvre-Lance. That is where I saw it six or seven years ago. The painting was originally presented at the Salon in 1811. As the official drawing instructor of … Continue reading

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Le Gros’ Portrait of Napoleon’s Aid-de-Camp

By the time he was twenty-one, Antoine-Jean Gros had become a painter of the victorious French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. After meeting Josephine in Genes, he was received by her husband and assigned to an art expert position; basically, he … Continue reading

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The Emperor, His Crown and Scepter

The Louvre has these items — the crown and the scepter of Napoleon. That’s the way he wanted them — crude, primitive, archaic to reflect his understanding of the tradition. The hand of justice was copied off an old gravure … Continue reading

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Louvre: from Henry to Napoleon and Back to Henry

When changing regimes, let’s go easy on buildings. And let me show you how a Renaissance fireplace can become Empire style and then back Renaissance. The statues are really by Jean Goujon; it’s just with a few strokes of chisel … Continue reading

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The Latest Mystery of Napoleon’s Tomb

Strange. I stopped by the Invalids to admire the VA hospital Louis XIV built for his veterans, and then, taken by some kind of a gravitation pull, stepped inside the chapel — the effect was cosmic — in its circular … Continue reading

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Bonaparte, the Unfinished Portrait

Although it is  neither signed nor dated, the dog-ears — the long hair flapping on each side of the high collar, as well as the silk scarf tightly wrapped around the neck, betray a young man in the days of the Directory; … Continue reading

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The Empire Style

The Empire style? It is a style better showing in furniture, and not so much in painting, sculpture or architecture; basically it is the interior design popular back in the days of Napoleon; to simplify it even further, it is … Continue reading

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