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My hands were shaking as I pulled out the cell phone to take a call and inadvertently took a picture of Venus Victrix — Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese, reclining in the Etruscan fashion, as she did for her husband, Camillo … Continue reading

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The South Wing of Chateau

The other outstanding event of 2013 was the French National Heritage Day — the occasion for so many of us to finally penetrate the South wing of the Chateau. What’s in the South wing? Nothing, and this is why they … Continue reading

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In the Bedroom of a Princess

The princesses’ apartments are finally ready! Millions were waiting! Tourists from all over the world are crowding in. There is the Polish bed in the Transitional Style of 1770’s. See how it goes with its side against the wall. The … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette for Idiots

This is a new book on the old subject. The difference between this one and the others is the brutal directness with which the tragic queen is treated. Marie-Antoinette for Idiots gives us a woman of her times completely de-mystified. I suppose … Continue reading

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La Place des Victoire During and After Revolution

This equestrian statue to Louis XIV was erected in 1822 to replace the one that was torn  down by the Revolution in 1792; but in the course of thirty turbulent years — from 1792 till 1822, five different sculptures replaced … Continue reading

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Napoleon and His Stuffed Horse

During the Russian campaign la Grande Armée lost 50 000 horses. This meant that Napoleon had to figure out how to fight without cavalry. He could still win battles, yet could no longer decisively pursue the fleeing enemy. The Battle of Waterloo showed … Continue reading

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The World Spirit as the Emperor’s Horse

Napoleon is often shown riding a white horse. He rode a few white ones for sure, but not into battle —  on the battle-field a white horse would make him an easy target. What we see in the picture is … Continue reading

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