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The Court of Perfume

The Perfumed Court, that’s how they nick-named Versailles in the XVIII century: Louis XV insisted that perfumes be changed every day, while some of the fountains gave off the monarch’s preferred aroma; there were different perfumes for different occasions and for different … Continue reading

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The Scent of Money

This morning I saw an ad for a new aromatic candle, Moliere, Versaille Perfumes in an Italian women’s mag, Grazia. The name of the ad was Life at the Chateau. “Amusing and well-referenced, this candle evokes the nights of Versailles…, … Continue reading

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The Economy of Style: When walking out of the bathroom, he would wash only one hand….

From Fashion Queen to Dairy Queen, this is a trajectory outlined for us at the Estate of Marie-Antoinette. I suppress a yawn. This is definitely a Japanese thing. The Russian tourists come to Versailles to take oath at the Tennis Court. What could … Continue reading

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