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A Small Dutch Painting from the Royal Collection

This painting by Gerard Dou was in the collection of Louis XIV, for the Sun King knew a thing or two about teeth pulling. By the age of sixty, half of his mouth roof was ripped off and then catheterized … Continue reading

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The Job of a Princess

60 000 letters, this is how many Charlotte Elizabeth of Bavaria, a.k.a. Princess Palatine wrote in those forty-eight years she’s been married to Louis XIV’s brother, Duke of Orleans. She had a style of writing distinctly her own…. Versailles, 3 … Continue reading

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Henriette of England at the French Court

It was Madame de la Fayette who told us the following anecdote from the life of Henriette of England; this English princess was the first wife of Monsieur, Duke of Orleans (1); his second wife, Princess Palatine later claimed in one of her … Continue reading

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Madam Lucifer

“Now that we are related,” said Madame Palatine on the subject of the royal bastards, “I would rather you bring them up than down.” Saint-Simon of course proved to obdurate.  He was living in the past. Oh how well he … Continue reading

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And Have You Heard of Anyone Since Sodom and Gomorrah Punished for Just that Reason?

One night Princess Palatine saw her husband rub a small medal with the Virgin some place where she would least expect. I guess the idea was to protect the part of the body with which Duke of Orleans took some … Continue reading

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The Food Marathon At Chateau Versailles

The Salon of Abundance shows us the picture of the big nef of Louis XIV. This fancy holder of the king’s victuals was waiting for the royal dinner in the Guards Room and all the courtiers saluted it on their … Continue reading

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Princess Palatine

“You cannot step outside your apartment without seeing someone urinate,” She is the funniest if somewhat unreliable commentator on the Court of Versailles. This German Princess, the wife of Duke of Orleans, gets away with a lot. Louis XIV likes his sister-in-law. After … Continue reading

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A Kitchen Garden In the Park

Schopenhauer impaled our palate, esophagus and stomach onto his concept of desire. Deleuze would probably not stop there, but add to it an extension all the way to the large intestine. And at Chateau Versailles this would make perfect sense; after all, about what the kings ate and … Continue reading

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