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What We Owe to the Libertines

Duke of Orleans, the Regent, was a hard-working man, but he partied just as hard and needed as much time there to show the seriousness of effort. This is why every afternoon, exactly at five o’clock, he would take his … Continue reading

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The Portrait of Debauchery

Jokes like that are illegal, but someone brought here a ladder and risked a hefty fine to tell me to turn left; so, I did and then continued to the end of the street where I saw an antique store … Continue reading

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The King of Thieves

In his youth Philippe of Orleans, the Regent, was very interested in alchemy; on one occasion, reports to us Saint-Simon, he even tried to summon the Devil, but the Devil would not come: Too many people in the early XVIII … Continue reading

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Madam Lucifer

“Now that we are related,” said Madame Palatine on the subject of the royal bastards, “I would rather you bring them up than down.” Saint-Simon of course proved to obdurate.  He was living in the past. Oh how well he … Continue reading

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Libertines and the Louisiana Bubble

In 1715 he is accepted as an economic adviser to Duke of Orleans. The country is living through the toughest stagnation due to the lack of gold bullion. He suggests a creation of the French National Bank, the issuing of the … Continue reading

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This is a term invented by the historians to designate the inter-dynastic opposition. The descendants of the younger brother of Louis XIV were not the only princes of opposition, but their opposition happened to be spectacular, complete with the vote cast by Phillip … Continue reading

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Duke d’Orleans, A Shy One At the Orgy – I

None of his women left their name in history. He preferred it this way — a quick conversation, then a date, then another quick conversation. Madame Parabere was an exception. They called her the Orgy Queen. She could and usually … Continue reading

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