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Son Of the Green Ape

The count of Carolais, Charles de Bourbon was the prince whom Louis XIV clearly detested. And yet this fact would not affect the prince’s popularity at the Court of Versailles. The great displeasure of the Sun King was due to the … Continue reading

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“In Spain, the Monks. In France, the Princes. In Italy, Everybody!”

When Marquis d’Effiat was proposed as an instructor for the son of Duke of Orleans(1), Princess Palatine(2) threw a fit! To this her husband remarked that it’s true that the marquis used to like boys,  but that he had been remorseful and had not done … Continue reading

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Women of Easy Virtue at Versailles

This ugly little structure is an entrance into Versailles Women’s Prison. It is located in a nice part of town, right across the street from Hotel of Madame du Barry. The building behind has a lot more class, its construction began in … Continue reading

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The Court of Miracles and the Court of Versailles

  To find the Court of Miracles in Paris today, you need to travel a little north of Notre Dame to Metro Station Sebastopol. There, between the boulevards Sebastopol and Forum des Halles, is where you can still see the traces of … Continue reading

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