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The Royal Stables: A Very Short Tour of the Louvre Gypsothèque

I have never mentioned, and not too many people know, that a portion of the Smaller Royal Stables belongs to the Museum of Louvre. Tonight I would like to force these monumental doors and walk in, right under the relief … Continue reading

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The Equestrian Show at the Big Stables

Last Sunday, on the occasion of the National Heritage Weekend, the Big Royal Stables opened their gates to all of us who were curious about the Equestrian Show of Bartabas and his Versailles Academy. For those of you who do … Continue reading

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The Twelve Caesars

People often ask me when shuffling along the hallways of Chateau Versailles, “Are those allegorical figures?” Not exactly, no, but these are excellent examples of XVII century kitsch. The Italian workshops have flooded Europe with art for mass consumption. The figures are … Continue reading

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Security at the Chateau of Versailles

In 1757 a gold watch was stolen from Louis XV at the Chateau of Versailles!  Hm… this makes us wonder about the effectiveness of the palace security. The Hundred Swiss, whom Saint-Simon calls the hundred stooges of Binet, are mostly responsible for the … Continue reading

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At the Royal Stables

Today I went to the Stables, the Small ones. Actually, the Big and the Small ones are exactly the same size, but the Big Stables is where the carriages were kept and it was more like a parking lot; whereas, the Small Stables were all about … Continue reading

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