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Joana Vasconcelos, Contemporary Versailles

I do not come to this part of Chateau too often. The southern wing gutted out by Louis Philippe depresses me. Here painters like Delacroix were paid by square meter to paint as quickly as they could the bugle and … Continue reading

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Madam Lucifer

“Now that we are related,” said Madame Palatine on the subject of the royal bastards, “I would rather you bring them up than down.” Saint-Simon of course proved to obdurate.  He was living in the past. Oh how well he … Continue reading

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The Royal Bastards

  One of the things that Saint-Simon does not stop obsessing about is the royal bastards. That is the way he calls them in his memoirs, the bastards. Count of Toulouse and Duke of Maine were legitimized after the death … Continue reading

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A King’s Portrait To Scare Your Children

What a wax portrait of the aging Louis XIV has made Antoine Benoist! The year is 1709, the year of that frightening winter when horses died of cold in the stables and birds froze in their flight…. Trees…, trees fell with … Continue reading

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The Food Marathon At Chateau Versailles

The Salon of Abundance shows us the picture of the big nef of Louis XIV. This fancy holder of the king’s victuals was waiting for the royal dinner in the Guards Room and all the courtiers saluted it on their … Continue reading

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That Was One Hell of an Apparatus

Princess Palatine told us that Louis XIV would set himself a definite number of words to use for every occasion; let us say fourteen at breakfast, twenty at cards, sixty during the High Council, and so on. He was not … Continue reading

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How Do You Talk To a King?

Louis XIV was of an average height, only one meter sixty-two centimeters, then those famous red hills and the wig would add him twenty-six centimeters; but, as we all know, it is not the beard which makes a philosopher. Voltaire wrote … Continue reading

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