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Priapism of Louis XV

Jean-Baptiste II Lemoyne has chosen the myth of Vertumnus and Pomona to show us the romantic meeting of Louis XV and Madame Pompadour at the Ball of Ifs. At that ball, if we remember, the king was disguised as an evergreen. This is how the … Continue reading

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A Country Whose Joy Is Visible But Fake, While Sadness Is Invisible But Real…

A perpetual carnival where masks replace each other never to reveal the face is a theme in the writings of La Bruyere: A woman who disguises her passion for a man, the man who simulates the passion he does not feel for the woman. Casanova does not … Continue reading

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Masked Ball

The Ball of Ifs took place in February. It was given on the occasion of the marriage of Louis XV’s son, dressed as a gardener, and the Marie-Therese of Spain, a flower girl. Ifs  or Cypresses were the costumes chosen by … Continue reading

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