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The Underground Versailles

When in 1990 most of the trees were uprooted by the tempest, an underground passage leading somewhere deep into the park was discovered by the gardeners. These corridors had been neglected for centuries; so nobody ventured down there. In the … Continue reading

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The Three Grottos

Did you know that here in Versailles we have three XVIII century grottoes? You don’t care about grottos? Neither do I, but still let me tell you about them. The first one I am showing used to belong to Princess Elizabeth, … Continue reading

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Musical Chair — II

One of the ways to approach this piece of furniture is to see it in the context of its setting: a small octagonal building with eight glass doors overlooking a small pond; on the inside — cherubs floating in the clouds … Continue reading

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Trianon Love Triangle, Marie-Antoinette, Polignac, de Lamballe

They are all that remains from the set of eight that the revolutionaries sold at a giant yard sale held by the Royal Stables in September 1793. The backs in the shape of lyres is a common late XVIII century … Continue reading

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