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That Devil with a Limp

“Talleyrand never failed to sell those who bought him,” assures us Aimée de Coigny. Fair enough, the enormous wealth, women and intrigue is what made the Great Chamberlain a bridge between the XVIII and XIX centuries. Napoleon, shocked by his … Continue reading

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Toys of Revolution (Continued)

I do not come here often. There’s the same old merchandise since the nineties. What do they carry? Well, the souvenir shops carry the four sizes of Eiffel Tour, postcards showing a dozen or so views of Versailles, fake XVIII … Continue reading

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Hubert Robert, the Poet of Destruction

I don’t know how many paintings of Hubert Robert there are at the Louvre, but I have heard someone mentioning two hundred drawings. Prolific. There should be enough for every museum in the country, and many of them do have … Continue reading

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The Jailor and His Prisoner or the Taking of the Bastille

Marquis Delaunay was born and raised in prison, his father running the Bastille, so he could truly call that place home; he could also call himself a hereditary governor of the fortress; for, like his father before him, Delaunay headed its … Continue reading

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XVIII Century Portrait

The Romans would call it a map of experience, Saint-Simon — a battle-field where every vice fights for the posession of its master, Oscar Wild — a Victorian voodoo fetish, and I call it another reflection where everything is backwards.

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Kucharski, the Heroic Painter of Marie-Antoinette

I don’t know if Alexander Kucharski had left us the best portrait of Marie-Antoinette or if it is the portrait’s provenance that is playing tricks with my imagination. Suppose he just had an unfinished portrait, and then came up with … Continue reading

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… the moon over the shoulders of mountains, executioner scratching his back with an ax…

The cattle wouldn’t go anywhere near the Revolution Square, today’s Place de la Concorde: 2 625 people, butchered on the same spot, have saturated the ground with blood. The team of five executioners (Charles-Henry Sanson, 53 years old, sons et al) … Continue reading

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