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In the Grove, Marie-Antoinette In the Rear Standing Position

The French of the late XVIII century fantasized about their young beautiful queen an awful lot. At Palais Royale in Paris there was a prostitute whose stage name happened to be the Little Queen. Her real name was Nicole d’Olive, they nick-named … Continue reading

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Relics at Carnavalet

One of the marks of the XVIII century is the appearance of the so-called sentimental ring. This is an inexpensive ring which serves to identify its owner with a cause, emotion, or idea. The ring may show professional, political or religious affiliation. It … Continue reading

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Conciergerie is not a museum I recommend, although its central location and a low admission price may look tempting. The highlights of Conciergerie are the Women’s Courtyard and Marie-Antoinette’s Chapel constructed in 1815 on the spot of her prison cell. The … Continue reading

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Security at the Chateau of Versailles

In 1757 a gold watch was stolen from Louis XV at the Chateau of Versailles!  Hm… this makes us wonder about the effectiveness of the palace security. The Hundred Swiss, whom Saint-Simon calls the hundred stooges of Binet, are mostly responsible for the … Continue reading

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Mao and the French Revolution

When Mao was asked to comment on the French Revolution, he said that it was too early to tell. Well, it looks like it is my turn now. And so, look at this! This is the place where all the real men … Continue reading

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