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Style Empire in Painting

Style Empire continued after the Bourbon restoration to the throne of France. The Style is well understood in furniture and other decorative arts, but in painting, apart from the portraits of the Emperor Napoleon I, Josephine and a few of her … Continue reading

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Falling in Style

“Thou shalt not blow pot smoke into the face of thy pet!” was the thirteenth commandment according to William Burroughs. The effort to upgrade the moral standards according to the needs of society is an ever-going process; and over the … Continue reading

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Lacremae Rerum

From one language to the other the most confusing subject to learn is prepositions: there are no correspondences between them. Is this why a quantity of ink was spilled over translating Virgil’s “tears for things?” I guess preposition could be … Continue reading

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Time Flies and Other Insects

At the Louvre I couldn’t help noticing a couple of fascinating time pieces that very much stood out in their collection of XVII-XVIII century watches. I am giving you here a bigger, fancier example, because the picture of the second, … Continue reading

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2013, the Year of André Le Nôtre

To collimate means to adjust, to align the sight; for example, when you walk from the palace toward the Lake of the Hundred Swiss, the view of the French Garden below is completely concealed from you. It is only when … Continue reading

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The Versailles Stairs

In “The Three Musketeers” the stairs of the Hotel de Tréville thrive with action. We know that at Versailles they are the traffic highways frequently subject to jams. We can imagine this space rife with possibilities, for the interstices are … Continue reading

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Taking of the Bastille, Louis XVI’s Perspective

It is often ignored by the historians that ever since 1784, that is five years before the revolution, Louis XVI was planning to destroy the Bastille. Not only that, his intention was to erect in its place a monument to … Continue reading

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