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Trianon Palace — Versailles the Decadent

This is a confusing title, for I had in mind the Decadence of the 1920’s — an artistic and literary movement intimately connected with Versailles Renaissance and particularly this very hotel where you could meet everyone from Robert de Montesquiou … Continue reading

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The Court of Perfume

The Perfumed Court, that’s how they nick-named Versailles in the XVIII century: Louis XV insisted that perfumes be changed every day, while some of the fountains gave off the monarch’s preferred aroma; there were different perfumes for different occasions and for different … Continue reading

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The Bed Called Regency

Those of you who have been reading my blog understand that the word Regency in French is associated with libertinage and decadence, and therefore has a certain flavour of nostalgia. This bed, named Regency by its makers (the Mercier brothers) had … Continue reading

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Versailles Renaissance Forever (Continued)

The funny thing is, you don’t have to leave Paris to see le Petit Trianon. In 1912 an architect René Sergent built this quasi replica of Marie-Antoinette’s demure at 63 rue de Monceau for a collector of the XVIII century antiques, … Continue reading

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Romantic Porn

On Earth I don’t believe there is                                                                   … Continue reading

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The Erotic Cane

The golden age of such canes is XIX century, but the XVIII and XVII had made their contributions as well. So important they have become in the days of Louis XIV, that even women added them to the list of … Continue reading

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How to Use the Love Chair

No, this is not a Santa’s sleigh! Nevertheless, Merry Christmas  and happy New Year to all my readers, especially the ones who were frustrated with my article on a Victorian gentleman in the days of Versailles Renaissance. I understand. A question … Continue reading

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A Victorian Gentleman in the Days of Versailles Renaissance

1867, the Third International Exposition! The Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are wined and dined by Napoleon III at Chateau Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors and the Royal Opera are lit up with gas. Twelve hundred guests are entertained by four … Continue reading

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Versailles-Renaissance Furniture

Did you know that Avenue de l’Opera used to be called the clitoris of Paris? A venerable tradition! Casanova is very clear on this point: Opera was the place to meet women, particularly the beautiful and easy ones. You did … Continue reading

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Zee Amerikan Friendz off Versailles

The only person who could still talk about the French taste today, would be count Dracula. But in the twenties this was a catch-word. Now it is more subtle: The French Women Don’t Get This, Don’t Get That. What they … Continue reading

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