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Looking Under the Skirt of Marie-Antoinette

In 1772 Peter Kintzing, a watch-maker, David Roentgen, a furniture maker, plus 24 other artisans, created this automaton whose features strikingly resemble those of Marie-Antoinette. The rumor has it that the hair on the doll is that of the queen, … Continue reading

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Society Theater: Marie-Antoinette on Stage

In 1785 the small theater at the Little Trianon decided to give a performance of The Barber of Seville to honor its author. The director, Monsieur Caillot — a professional opera singer, fined mercilessly all those who would dare to … Continue reading

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… the moon over the shoulders of mountains, executioner scratching his back with an ax…

The cattle wouldn’t go anywhere near the Revolution Square, today’s Place de la Concorde: 2 625 people, butchered on the same spot, have saturated the ground with blood. The team of five executioners (Charles-Henry Sanson, 53 years old, sons et al) … Continue reading

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How One Can Screw Up A Dialogue

Have I ever told you that I hate theater? Here is my opportunity, it’s the moth of Moliere! Well, I don’t really hate it anymore than I hate soap operas or Hollywood Big Production numbers, but I have not seen those in … Continue reading

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