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Antinous of Versailles

There is an Antinous for every part of the Mediterranean world, and so there is one at Versailles. In Egypt he was represented as Osiris, in Greece as Aresteus, in Rome as Vertumnus, in the chestnut grove of Versailles as… … Continue reading

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Cupid Sharpening His Bow with Hercules’ Mace: Neoclassicism at Little Trianon

Beside the Anglo-Chinese gardens and the Louis XVI- style furniture, what is so neoclassical about Little Trianon? This is a kind of question to ask at an oral examination  if you want to fail a student. There he goes, shuffling … Continue reading

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Punishing a Libertine

“He would be handsome, if he were not so ugly!” Prince de Ligne gives us the best description of Casanova. And to Casanova we owe the best description of Winckelmann. That is Casanova lets Winckelmann say it in self-defense on … Continue reading

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To Winckelmann!

When considering Art History we often forget that at the foundation of this edifice is a joke or a prank and a forgery. It could very well be that laughter, or at least some queer smile is  an artist’s duty … Continue reading

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