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Versailles As a Pyramid

This fountain is called Pyramid; and it represents cornucopia, or to cut the symbolism, the apotheosis of a meal, usually the dessert. I had already mentioned the pyramids of fruit, one of them so famously dropped in the presence of … Continue reading

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A Suicidal Cook

I have discussed already the suicidal painter, Lemoyne; now comes the time to address the suicidal cook Vatel. It is pretty much the same story, for both of them were failing to meet the standards to which their vocation aspired; … Continue reading

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Difficult Beauty

“It is true,” wrote Madame Sevigné, “that men have certain privileges with regard to ugliness, but it is also true that Monsieur Pellisson abused those.” There is, however, a beautiful story often told about Paul Pellisson. Beginning 1661 this unfortunate … Continue reading

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Madam Sévigné, la Femme de Lettres

“Her eye color varies and, the eyes being the mirror of the soul, nature  itself tells you not to rely on her too much,” wrote Bussy-Rabutin in his novel about his sister-in-law, Madame Sévigné. “Had a pair of corns sprung … Continue reading

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The Food Marathon At Chateau Versailles

The Salon of Abundance shows us the picture of the big nef of Louis XIV. This fancy holder of the king’s victuals was waiting for the royal dinner in the Guards Room and all the courtiers saluted it on their … Continue reading

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