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Some Traces of DuBarry (Versailles and Paris).

The Louvre had recently opened a new department of XVII and XVIII century French furniture. One of the remarkable artifacts you can see there is this wax model of Madame Du Barry’s bed. I find it very late XVIII century … Continue reading

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I Found This Photo in One of My Files.

What a sad little piece of porcelain when you think of it: “1715. Long live the king!” I wonder what Louis XV could remember from that day? “Your Majesty!” He was a lonely kid, always surrounded by adults, malleable and … Continue reading

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A Picture for the Frame

If Van Loo is the court painter of Louis XV, then Boucher is the court painter of Pompadour. Only he is not a court painter, for there is not a single Boucher portrait at Versailles. This is why we recognize … Continue reading

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A Horse, a H….

This equestrian statue of Louis XV used to decorate la Place Louis XV — what today is known as la Place de la Concorde. The statue fell one of the first victims of the French Revolution. The small replica I … Continue reading

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Antinous of Versailles

There is an Antinous for every part of the Mediterranean world, and so there is one at Versailles. In Egypt he was represented as Osiris, in Greece as Aresteus, in Rome as Vertumnus, in the chestnut grove of Versailles as… … Continue reading

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In the Bedroom of a Princess

The princesses’ apartments are finally ready! Millions were waiting! Tourists from all over the world are crowding in. There is the Polish bed in the Transitional Style of 1770’s. See how it goes with its side against the wall. The … Continue reading

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The Court of Perfume

The Perfumed Court, that’s how they nick-named Versailles in the XVIII century: Louis XV insisted that perfumes be changed every day, while some of the fountains gave off the monarch’s preferred aroma; there were different perfumes for different occasions and for different … Continue reading

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The Pink Ballets

This sex scandal made all the headlines in 1960: the President of the French National Assembly, André le Troquer, was caught using property of the French Republic for his libertine parties. The parties became nick-named as ballets because they involved … Continue reading

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The Virtues of Sin

If we were to come up with any kind of a profession for Louis XV, it would probably be an agronomer — all his life the king was so heavily involved with the life sciences, especially botany. We should remember … Continue reading

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Christmas and Versailles

There exists a painting showing the little Marie-Antoinette with her family on Christmas morning — the future Queen of France hops around the room with a big doll she had received as present. Unfortunately, Saint-Nicolas would not travel as far as … Continue reading

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