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Versailles and the Iconography of Homosexuality

The Olympians, the Royal Family Portrait by Jean Norcet (1670). We see it when we enter the Sun King’s antechamber, the antechamber nick-named Bull’s Eye. This family portrait shows us all of Louis XIV’s immediate family and also tells us a … Continue reading

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Madam Lucifer

“Now that we are related,” said Madame Palatine on the subject of the royal bastards, “I would rather you bring them up than down.” Saint-Simon of course proved to obdurate.  He was living in the past. Oh how well he … Continue reading

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Once I Met A Card That Resembled Me Very Much

If there were one person to blame for the Revolution, it would be Duke of Orleans. This is how the French Royalists see it. The taking of the Bastille, the Women’s March on Versailles, the financial support of the Club of … Continue reading

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Care To Join?

He died in the middle of a sentence as he was describing some debauchery of the previous night…. The title of Chevalier he had earned in the army. Chevalier of Lorraine was a lover of Phillip of Orleans and the … Continue reading

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Raising Cane: XIX Century Shadow Theater

When not concealed in his palm, this XIX century accessory reveals the political affiliation of its owner: all we need to do is raise it by a street light and the cane will project onto a nearby wall the Emperor’s … Continue reading

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Libertines and the Louisiana Bubble

In 1715 he is accepted as an economic adviser to Duke of Orleans. The country is living through the toughest stagnation due to the lack of gold bullion. He suggests a creation of the French National Bank, the issuing of the … Continue reading

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Marquis de La Fayette, the Porn Hero of the French Revolution

  The role of La Fayette in the French Revolution is very ambiguous. At the General Estates he belongs to the faction of Philippe Egalité and his part in making Louis XVI sign the Bill of Rights and the Abolition … Continue reading

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Son Of the Green Ape

The count of Carolais, Charles de Bourbon was the prince whom Louis XIV clearly detested. And yet this fact would not affect the prince’s popularity at the Court of Versailles. The great displeasure of the Sun King was due to the … Continue reading

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The Court of Miracles and the Court of Versailles

  To find the Court of Miracles in Paris today, you need to travel a little north of Notre Dame to Metro Station Sebastopol. There, between the boulevards Sebastopol and Forum des Halles, is where you can still see the traces of … Continue reading

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