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The Crown and its Mystery

Medieval Western Europe was made out of three traditions: Classical, Judaic and Germanic, where Christianity served as a cement for what was there before and what came after. This large topaz was carved in antiquity and later framed by the … Continue reading

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On the Inside of a Grand Piano

In the Renaissance Italy the insides of footlockers were often painted, and sometimes  those pictures were of nude women; perhaps this is why Titian’s Venus of Urbino has an open trunk in the background? Rumor had it that the XVII … Continue reading

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Louis XIV at the Haunted Palace

I’ve talked a little about ghosts and a lot about perfumes; but I have never mentioned how closely the two happen to be related: it goes back to 1654 and even earlier, so this is a Paris-Versailles, or rather Louvre-Versailles … Continue reading

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The Golden Age of Fans

Today I went to see an exhibition The Golden Age of Fans, it is in the Marais, in a small, inexpensive museum called Cognacq-Jay. What I enjoyed most about it were all the old ladies that came to see it, shuffling … Continue reading

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The Court of Perfume

The Perfumed Court, that’s how they nick-named Versailles in the XVIII century: Louis XV insisted that perfumes be changed every day, while some of the fountains gave off the monarch’s preferred aroma; there were different perfumes for different occasions and for different … Continue reading

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Looking Under the Skirt of Marie-Antoinette

In 1772 Peter Kintzing, a watch-maker, David Roentgen, a furniture maker, plus 24 other artisans, created this automaton whose features strikingly resemble those of Marie-Antoinette. The rumor has it that the hair on the doll is that of the queen, … Continue reading

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The Erotic Cane

The golden age of such canes is XIX century, but the XVIII and XVII had made their contributions as well. So important they have become in the days of Louis XIV, that even women added them to the list of … Continue reading

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Gambling, Voyeurism and Washing Your Butt At Four In the Morning

Господа офицеры, быть беде, Господин Полковник сел на биде! Козьма Прутков Messieurs Officers, trouble! The colonel is using bidet! Kozma Prutkov I am fascinated by the XVII century French furniture. It tells such stories! For example, look at this chair; … Continue reading

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Marie-Antoinette For Mass Consumption

In the late XVIII century it could take you eight hours to travel from Versailles to Paris. To Marie-Antoinette belongs the record of thirty-five minutes, sparing no horse or carriage. During one of those night rides the carriage did break … Continue reading

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The XVIII Century Inspired Fashions At Trianon

The closed for repairs and renovation Museum of Fashion brought to Versailles a dozen of items. They are to be seen at the Big Trianon.  The idea is simple, take an XVIII century outfit and trace its influence to today. So … Continue reading

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