Watteau, “Pierrot”

“Buy me, I am lonely!” said the inscription underneath the painting, and Denon bought it; and ever since, this picture has been hanging in Louvre, occasionally moved from one wall to the next. There is another mini-Watteau in the room just before with the same subject matter, and its isocephalic composition keeps Pierrot in the center of a crowd; but here he is separated from the rest of them.

Who is this character so desperately white with the pink shoe-laces? This is a white clown; remember, the one whom the red one is pushing around; the red one is also there, just slightly below; he is the quintessential dumb boss, busily giving orders or shooting breeze; and so there is some other smart Alec, ready to step in, sneaking up from behind, his sneer revealing another practical idiocy. Wait, don’t go, we’ll have a good laugh….


About versaillesgossip, before and after Francis Ponge

The author of the blogs Versailles Gossip and Before and After Francis Ponge, Vadim Bystritski lives and teaches in Brest France. The the three main themes of his literary endeavours are humor, the French Prose Poetry, the French XVII and XVIII Century Art and History. His writings and occasionally art has been published in a number of ezines (Eratio, Out of Nothing, Scars TV, etc). He also contributes to Pinterest where he comments on the artifiacts from the Louvre and other collections. Some of his shorter texts are in Spanish, Russian and French.
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